Party Dying


Sirocco Quartet + Frederik Köster

Jazz Trumpet in Bb | Jazz Trompete in B
Soprano saxophone | Sopransaxofon
Alto saxophone| Altsaxofon
Tenor saxophone | Tenorsaxofon
Baritone saxophone | Baritonsaxofon 

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Party dying jumps right in to a 90s party: lots of music, people talking, snippets of conversations. The DJ starts to mix, using effects. But then the "inevitable pivot": everybody starts to leave, to say "bye" and "perfunctory things" to the host, the door slams, the host is left with the receding voices of the guests down the hallway, the after-party tinnitus, the rustling litter and the "expanding white V of utter silence in the party's wake".

Party dying fängt mitten in einer 90er Jahre Party an: viel Musik, die Gäste reden, Gesprächsschnipsel. Der DJ fängt zu mixen an, benutzt Effekte. Aber dann kommt der "unvermeidliche Drehpunkt": alle machen sich auf dem Weg, sagen dem Gastgeber "Ciao" und "oberflächliche Dinge", die Tür schlägt zu, der Gastgeber bleibt über und hört die zurückgehende Stimmen im Flur, sein Nach-Party-Tinnitus, das Rascheln des Mülls und das "ausdehnende V der völligen Stille". 

"You can be at certain parties and not really be there. You can hear how certain parties have their own implied ends embedded in the choreography of the party itself. One of the saddest times Joelle van Dyne ever feels anywhere is that invisible pivot where a party ends - even a bad party - that moment of unspoken accord when everyone starts collecting his lighter and date, jacket or greatcoat, his one last beer hanging from the plastic rind's five rings, says certain perfunctory things to the hostess in a way that acknowledges their perfunctoriness without seeming insincere, and leaves, usually shutting the door. When everybody's voices recede down the hall. When the hostess turns back in from the closed door and sees the litter and the expanding white V of utter silence in the party's wake." - David Foster Wallace in Infinite Jest